Apr. 18th, 2010

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Today I was supposed to go to a wedding, which I was really looking forward to for a couple of reasons - primarily because I like the couple, but also because Yay! Social Event!

Instead, this cold/flu/mild fever/tummy bug I've had for over a week and which I thought I was pretty much over flared back up worse this morning.

If we didn't live so far away I might have considered going to the ceremony briefly, but I wouldn't want to spread it around, and I probably wasn't even well enough for that, really, so it's probably for the best.

I hope the wedding went awesomely. I've heard good things already on the internet.

I spent the day in bed instead. Which was dull and annoying in that way in which spending time in bed is when you've already had quite a bit of time in bed, and you aren't so sick that you just want to sleep, but are sick enough that standing up is bad, and everything aches and is ick, and you're restless no matter how you lie.

Since this is the second weekend somewhat spoiled by the bug, I hope it will be gone soon. I think it's waning - I was hungry today, after my fever broke, and I haven't been so much lately.

Oddly, I sort of enjoyed the weekend in Wellington, despite being pretty much stuck in the hotel room. It was comfortable, at least - I still maintain hotels are great places to be sick in, what with room service and regularly freshened linen. And relaxing, which was sort of the point, although I do wish we'd got out to do/see more. The sick part sucked, but it could have been worse (at least the worst bit didn't coincide with travelling, because that is really really awful, I can tell you from past experience)

And Dan is still here, even though he wasn't meant to be. He's still waiting on the return of his passport with a visa he needs for his trip to the Middle East, and since Europe, where he was going first, is covered in The Ash Cloud, it's probably a good thing he wasn't leaving Friday anyway. Plan B was Monday, but I think we're on Plan C now. I'll probably get told eventually, and in the meantime I get more time with him, so yay.
On a random sidenote - his work has reallocated his work phone number temporarily to someone else, which is odd. Don't use it, if you have it. Email him instead.

Maybe tomorrow I will feel well enough to be upright. I hope so - my glass is calling me, and I'm totally over bed.
*cross fingers*

Now, sleep. I hear it helps, or something.


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