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Birthdate:Jul 1
I'm 26.

I'm known as Cat, but my father still calls me Catherine.

I'm the oldest of five children, the youngest of whom has been accused of being my offspring more than once. Poor boy.

I have a husband and four cats. They're cheaper than children, but only just.

I also have an education, or at least a BA with an extra bit on it, and I find it rather useful, although I haven't found a real life purpose for it yet.

I don't suffer under the tyranny of gainful employment, although sometimes I think I'd like to. Instead I fill my life with things I feel like doing, attempting to make my somewhat recalcitrant body work more correctly and coffee with friends. If you think this sounds like a good deal, you are both right and very very wrong.

Lately I've been travelling a lot instead of deciding what I'm going to do with the rest of my life now I've finished with that studenting lark. It's somewhat annoying to have to put N/A into the occupation section of all those departure forms though, so I'm thinking of becoming either a novelist or a glass artist instead.

I own at least fourteen different platters, a china teaset, enough glassware to fill six shelves and a pair of sugar tongs. I adore hostessing and catering, and occasionally think I must have had a past life as an Edwardian housewife.

This journal is a random assortment of things I felt I wanted to write, whether to share specifically with others or just to get it out of my system. It pretty much reflects that.

This is because it's more fun than looking out the window:
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