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In a fever bubble today. That sort of warm, comfortable feeling you get when your temperature a couple of degrees up - higher than uncomfortable, but less than hallucinatory levels. Or at least, that's how I work.

The air feels like soup, and I'm tired, but not exactly sleepy. It's odd.

I hope I don't get to the seeing things stage, it's always a bit disconcerting.

Went to the doctor today, which got me some treatment, but also sucked, because apparently a stomach bug and fever in a fat woman is a reason to discuss her weight. Or you know, not, but why miss an opportunity? She's not even my regular doctor, just someone I went to because she's close and I'm sick.
It infuriates me how they always act as if losing weight is some bright new idea they've just thought up, and I would never have considered/tried it before, or consider that there might be some situation involved unrelated to me sitting on the couch eating pies constantly. They never ask about my current diet/lifestyle/exercise/health initiatives - just jump to the conclusion that I don't have any and need to be told things in Very Small Words, Very Slowly.
She didn't have my full notes, but trust me when I say she had sufficient information to mean she should perhaps have considered first. Even if it was at all relevant. I know that nearly everything is obesity related nowadays, but honestly, I still never heard of it causing fevers and stomach aches.

Apart from stupid doctors and sickness/weakness/dehydration today has been okay. New Glee, new other shows, yummy smoked chicken pasta thing my Mum made for dinner, and I was actually hungry, and not nauseated afterwards.
Sadly, no rich chocolate cake, and no way to go to the video store and stockpile movies, which is what I really feel like tonight.
I can never decide if it's a good or a bad thing that living in the country makes it impossible for me to fulfill such random impulses. Probably an annoying thing that is good for me.
Also, no Dan, who I miss. I feel a bit bad about it though, since it's mainly cos I'm sick and weak and miserable and just want someone to give me a hug and tell me it will be okay. Still, that's love, right? Or a part of love, anyway. That they are the one person you want when you feel like crap?

Now, in the absence of cake and movies, I think I will go and read some trashy novels for a bit, and drink more water and more rehydrating powder stuff, and then see if I can get some sleep. And if I can't - there's always more file renaming to do (although I'm a bit afraid that all the stuff I've done while feverish will turn out a bit funny when I look at it later).


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