Apr. 21st, 2010

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Husband free night tonight (and probably the rest of the week). In general, this sucks, but very occasionally, like tonight, I actually enjoy just having time to myself. It's a part of our routine, really, so it's not that surprising.

Also, since it's not looking like there will be available flights to Europe for Some Time, I think he might only have to go to the Middle East, and I'm not so stressed out about not seeing him for ages. I think I may be the only person in the world to be happy about the ash cloud.

Tonight I watched the last parts of Cranford, which I thoroughly enjoyed - I have a weakness for witty and delightful costume pieces, and this has a really amazing cast - Dame Judi Dench is awesome.

And I've spent several hours doing digital organising, which is a very zen sort of process, especially file renaming. I do like to have things nicely sorted.

Also, the end of all of this organising is starting to be in sight, which makes it much more satisfying and less sloggy.

I'm still sick, and had to go back to bed today instead when I went to do glass, but I've made a doctor's appointment locally for tomorrow in the hopes that maybe it's something something can be done about.
And even feeling wretched I can get digital stuff done, so that's good.
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In a fever bubble today. That sort of warm, comfortable feeling you get when your temperature a couple of degrees up - higher than uncomfortable, but less than hallucinatory levels. Or at least, that's how I work.

The air feels like soup, and I'm tired, but not exactly sleepy. It's odd.

I hope I don't get to the seeing things stage, it's always a bit disconcerting.

Went to the doctor today, which got me some treatment, but also sucked, because apparently a stomach bug and fever in a fat woman is a reason to discuss her weight. Or you know, not, but why miss an opportunity? She's not even my regular doctor, just someone I went to because she's close and I'm sick.
It infuriates me how they always act as if losing weight is some bright new idea they've just thought up, and I would never have considered/tried it before, or consider that there might be some situation involved unrelated to me sitting on the couch eating pies constantly. They never ask about my current diet/lifestyle/exercise/health initiatives - just jump to the conclusion that I don't have any and need to be told things in Very Small Words, Very Slowly.
She didn't have my full notes, but trust me when I say she had sufficient information to mean she should perhaps have considered first. Even if it was at all relevant. I know that nearly everything is obesity related nowadays, but honestly, I still never heard of it causing fevers and stomach aches.

Apart from stupid doctors and sickness/weakness/dehydration today has been okay. New Glee, new other shows, yummy smoked chicken pasta thing my Mum made for dinner, and I was actually hungry, and not nauseated afterwards.
Sadly, no rich chocolate cake, and no way to go to the video store and stockpile movies, which is what I really feel like tonight.
I can never decide if it's a good or a bad thing that living in the country makes it impossible for me to fulfill such random impulses. Probably an annoying thing that is good for me.
Also, no Dan, who I miss. I feel a bit bad about it though, since it's mainly cos I'm sick and weak and miserable and just want someone to give me a hug and tell me it will be okay. Still, that's love, right? Or a part of love, anyway. That they are the one person you want when you feel like crap?

Now, in the absence of cake and movies, I think I will go and read some trashy novels for a bit, and drink more water and more rehydrating powder stuff, and then see if I can get some sleep. And if I can't - there's always more file renaming to do (although I'm a bit afraid that all the stuff I've done while feverish will turn out a bit funny when I look at it later).


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