Feb. 23rd, 2010

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There's a lot of music that just sort of floats around in my life.

I'm not good at names and titles, even when I've been told them. There are vast tracts of music that I've absorbed without any associated information. I cannot for the life of me name even half of half the goth and alternative music I've been soaking in at KAOS parties for years, for example. I can barely name any classical music by name, but I know a lot of it.

My music collection is...eclectic. What catches me with music is not particularly genre specific. But it's not all that huge - I can quite happily listen to favourite songs a lot at a time, and then just cycle through when I get bored. I love finding new music, but I'm not very organised about it, I tend to go through music collecting phases every few months, but no more than that.

Dan is...not like me. He has vast encylopaedic musical knowledge, and can be almost scary in his ability to name song titles and artists and even albums and release dates from a few notes. His music collection is both eclectic and freaking huge, and he's always finding new and often obscure things.
And he's been weaving music around me for years and years, most of which I haven't appreciated nearly as much as I should have.

Which is a long winded way of saying: I think I'm falling in love with Sarah McLachlan's work. This is sort of ridiculous, since it's not like I haven't been exposed to it before. But also sort of awesome, because, at least for me, there is something really fantastic about discovering something which is also vaguely familiar. Like the best bit about new music and the best bit about old music all wrapped up together.

I suspect I'll be running into this a lot more in the next few weeks, as I'm going through our combined hard copy music collection, and then organising the resultant and existing digital collections. So I'm finding things of mine that I haven't seen in ages, and more of Dan's things I maybe didn't pay so much attention to before.

Music makes the world better. And my world can always do with a bit of better.


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