Mar. 17th, 2010

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I keep having dreams, which are pretty transparent, about giant and endless piles of things to be sorted, and packed, and cleaned. Where landlords show up unexpectedly (sometimes when I'm not dressed) to do inspections, because we are due out of somewhere earlier than expected, or I've got the date wrong. About being totally completely exhausted, but having to keep going to meet deadlines. About packing things into our car, but running out of room, which is a problem because there's no-where else for things to go, because we don't have a destination. About having nowhere to go.

Technically, I think they are nightmares. They lack the some of the true horror of my normal nightmares, but I do wake up completely panicked, so I guess they count.

Last night I also dreamed about trying to get to a graveyard on time to rescue/obtain some lovely homewares some people I know had left there at night for people to find, while living in a city where all the transportation ran in tubes somewhat like hydroslides, and you had to time your pedestrianism/small vehicle driving just right, so as not to be hit by giant caterpillar like trains which ran in the same tunnels at high speed.



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