Feb. 24th, 2010


Feb. 24th, 2010 03:42 pm
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I am filled with rage for the insurance techs who replaced my laptop.
When I got it back a couple of weeks ago, I discovered they had set it up with Dan's full name as owner and primary user (impossible to properly rename under Windows 7, and even if a new user is created and previous one deleted, which is the only solution, it is still somehow hardwired in for new program installations and unfixable without a regedit).

I have a thing about personalised electronics, and also a thing about not including last names on computer setups, and also a thing about how my entire fucking life already revolves around my husband and his job and I have virtually no life of my own at the moment, and I wanted my own fucking laptop thank you very much.
And yes, it's probably deeply psychological, but I find, when the rest of my life is all over the damn show, having my digital life organised and just how I want it, deeply satisfying. And having it all fucked up, and completely out of my control, and unfixable, even by putting serious time into it, really upsetting.

I was trying to deal with it, because stressing about how my laptop keeps calling me by my husband's name seems kind of silly, in the grand scheme of things. But I wasn't happy.

And then today I figured out that they installed 32bit Windows 7 instead of 64bit, which given the specs of my laptop actually makes a freaking difference.

All of this despite having the freaking hard drive of the previous laptop, and being in fairly regular contact with Dan about the insurance claim. And he had said repeatedly that it was his wife's laptop.

Other highlights: promising an identical reinstall, and then a zipped copy of the previous HD and then just copying across the My Documents etc folders. After complaining I have got my previous HD back in a caddy to play with for a bit, and rescue things like save games and so forth that aren't conveniently stored in the Bunny Folders, but still. Quote: "Oh, we have a place for the Primary User name on our forms, but we didn't fill that in with you". Yeah, cause if they'd asked at all, he would have told them to use "Cat". Or you know, if they'd looked at the HD they were supposedly exactly replacing data and all, it might have been apparent that that was what we wanted, along with the fucking 64bit system, since that's how we fucking SET IT UP IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Lazy fuckers.



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