Feb. 10th, 2010

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I just gave notice on our house. We have an offer of house-sitting for a month later this month, and things are moving along fairly swiftly on the relocation front.

Plus, I have wonderful and generous parents, who will take me in for any overlap time (wave hello at Internet Stalker Dad, everybody :-P)

It's still a bit terrifying, though, especially given what happened last time we moved out of a house. I keep reassuring myself that a) I've done almost all the damn sorting this time b) 95% of our stuff is still in boxes in a warehouse c)we aren't in the middle of a flu epidemic and d)this time everything just isn't going to fall over unexpectedly.

But I'm a bit fire-shy. And not entirely convinced this is even what I want anymore.

Things to do in the next few weeks: finish beads I've promised to people, do last sorting, pack into 'things going into storage', 'things going into storage for shipping' and 'suitcases'. Dispose of everything that does not fit into either of those categories (not very much at all anymore, YAY!). Digital sorting. Get rid of the last bits of things that belong to other people to other people. Go to Auckland for interview. Take library books back. Sort out slightly more definate timeline - it looks like Dan might be making a business trip to Elsewhere in the World before we move. Sort out moving stuff. Finish misc projects. Try not to freak out.
Really try not to freak out.


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