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Watched the NCIS finale.
It wasn't at all what I expected, and although there were some super cool bits, I don't think it quite lived up to the buildup.

Fellow watchers, what did you think?

Husband is hopping a plane to Canadia today - a whirlwhind tour of ports awaits (Halifax, Toronto, Vancouver, Prince Rupert). Then back to Europe to hit France up for like two freaking days. Then home. Where I will be extremely pleased to see him. I really hate the trips that go any longer than 3 weeks.

I am going to Wellington next week to house and cat sit and have a little adventure (I'm hoping to do some of those things I never go do in Wellington because I get distracted by doing the same few things I really love every time I'm there for a weekend, and lesser things miss out).
I'm open to suggestions of either cool things to do, or cool people to do them with.

I haven't quite worked out when I'm headed to the North Island though, because I was hoping to go spend a couple of days with the soldier-sister before the house-sitting, but she's currently in the field and not answering texts, and I'm not sure when she's done.

I'm guessing said field exercise is not much fun with the current weather. Or at least, I wouldn't want to be hanging out in a foxhole in torrential rain with crazy gales. It's possible that army type people are all over that, though. Different tastes etc.

We might get snow tonight/tomorrow. In May. Because somewhere there's a Weather God mocking me.
It would almost be okay if it wasn't already so wet - I like snow, when it settles. But nasty slushy icky stuff I can do without.

I recently became a little obsessed with iTunes Genius playlist function. I'm a bit eh about sharing data, but I love the way it works. I quite often want to listen to a collection of stuff that's, you know, a lot like this one song. And Genius just makes playlists like that for me with no effort, which is awesome, and also gets me listening to things I might otherwise forget about. Win! And when you think about the process that creates them, it's quite amazing. The collation of that much data, and application of it - it's such a huge thing, for such a little thing. The internet is kind of humans linking up all the spread out knowledge and data and experience of our species, and we use it to do things like pick out music. I think it says a lot about humanity.

I turn thirty in little over a month. I really want to do something significant, but I'm having trouble gathering ideas, and then the date I had picked for a celebration got taken by someone else's, and the following weekend is already taken by something else, and it's all hard work to detangle. Maybe I'll just do something for myself, but I'd rather do something fun with other people. Will keep working on it.

By contrast, the elder of my nieces turned 3 last weekend. My brother and his family visited today, and I was woken after three hours sleep to see them - two toddlers on that kind of sleep can be hard going. But I gave her her birthday present, a kids digital camera, which she was enthusiastic about. She's been fascinated by other people's for ages, and recently started pretending she was taking pictures with all sorts of other things, so it seemed a good gift. I do like having them around, a lot.
More of my friends should have children for me to enjoy, also :-P

Now: Glee. And then the finales for The Good Wife and Parenthood (which is surprisingly engaging). And yes, there's a lot of tv in my life at present. Don't judge me. Have you seen the weather lately? ;-P

Date: 2010-05-27 12:35 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
NCIS finale was a major letdown to be quite honest. I knew that the argument was rigged, but not quite how/why until the reveal. What was in the parcel BTW?

It left everything quite unresolved in an unsatisfactory way with too many unanswered questions. And whats with the lawyer? Totally loving Rule#13 BTW

And I am sure you found this already but

Date: 2010-05-27 12:41 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yeah, I agree. It felt like a great buildup, with the previous few episodes, and punchline.

I think the parcel really did contain candy - that it was actually innocuous, just a test to see if he would do it. I think they tried to indicate that with the quote and all, but failed. This is the sort of thing that I mean when I say they were trying to hard to be clever.

On rewatch the argument seemed more like - sort of genuine, that Vance was trying to force Gibbs to tell him stuff, but that he then realised he was restricted in some way, and had a backup plan if that was the case. And that that sort of double speak is a kind of part of how they interact.

I hate the lawyer. I will extra much hate it if she really is some kind of weird love interest for Gibbs, because every time they try and do that it's crap. I was hoping the lawyer/Bell/whatever plotline would be resolved in this episode, and I think they were sort of trying to, but failed in that too.

I think part of the reason it was all so unsatisfactory is that they were trying to do a good storytelling thing where there are lots of threads and they all come together in the end into a satisfying knot, except they failed, and all the strings just came together in a loosely tied tangle.

It was confusing and annoying, and a sort of failed sleight of hand, and instead of great implication they kept implying things too roughly which was just confusing.

But I loved that they told us more rules - about the forties, and what 44 was, since it was mentioned the last episode. 13 has been mentioned before, but it was interesting that it was mentioned again. I hope the outlining it means he's going to stick with it, and that 51 doesn't mean he's going back on that one. But that's just another example of confusing implication. One is not quite sure what they meant by a lot of things.

I love the lists of rules :-) I've seen them before. I think they've got #45 wrong though - I thought they were indicating it was related to "I've got a mess I've got to clean up" rather than the customs thing.


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