Jun. 18th, 2010

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We're back living in Christchurch. It's nice, in a lot of ways, like having my glass back in a practical form and being able to buy things after 7pm. I'm still feeling a bit lost, though.

We keep trying and failing to organise a celebration of my upcoming 30th birthday. Three different attempts have been foiled by other people's plans right at the announcement/invitation phase, and now the only feasible weekend is so full I don't think there is going to be anything, which is deeply depressing. In theory we could just run a clash, but I really hate doing that to guests - having to choose or trying to do everything really sucks.
I'm just glad we hadn't paid any deposits or anything like that, so the latest plans are probably cancellable without repercussion, except for my disappointment.

Also depressing me currently - that we seem to have been left off the invitation list for Winter Weekend this year. I guess we just didn't make the cut, despite having attended every one so far bar one. There seem to be somewhat arbitrary rules about who gets to go and who doesn't, which sort of sucks.

Maybe I should just have a belated birthday event and organise my own weekend away, although even the idea of trying exhausts me. And when I got it all sorted out, someone would probably announce some other function and I'd be back in the same boat, different ocean.

I guess I'm just feeling very socially isolated. Our living situation and the weird half life always-possibly-leaving-but-never-actually-going has made it difficult to keep any kind of social life, and even though we're geographically back being more available it's a hard thing to restart up.

Logically one knows one has friends and a social circle and in theory can reconnect, but sometimes it does feel a lot like one has dropped off the radar and out of the secret-psychic-mindlink and is left out in the wilderness, alone in one's bedroom with one's extensive media collection. ;-)

On the plus side, at least one does have an extensive media collection. And in our new residence also a full size bar, a giant projector screen, MySky, a full billiards table and a spa. If one is going to sit home alone, at least one has adequate surroundings and entertainment ;-P


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