Apr. 6th, 2010

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My easter surprise was my mother and husband totally reorganising the garage in order to set up my glass studio for me here. Totally unexpected, and totally awesome1.

It's a bit silly, I guess, but having something I know I'm sort of good at, and being able to expend energy on getting a little bit better every time I try it is super good for my mental health.
In a sea of uncertainty, glass is simple, and conquerable.

And beads are very zen, I think. It's the patience required for getting the glass just right - once you get past the OMG-HOT-GLASS-PANIC! of the beginner, it's very soothing.

Currently I'm working on Pandora style beads - I have some unfinished commissions to complete (sorry Maggie!) and my mother wants a specific style of bead re-made in a big hole for a gift. Also some people I love have got Pandora bracelets and would like, I think, some beads. And if they don't - too bad, they are getting them anyway, because I want to practice. I've spent so much of my limited bead time in the last year on period style beads, I want to play more with something modern.

Anyway, it's a different ball-game, for many reasons - depth is more important, and more limited, because the hole takes up a lot of space. The mandrels are much thicker, and much heavier, and the larger diameter makes laying things straight more difficult. But I kind of love them anyway.

Next I want to order some silver tube, and try adding silver linings, like the real thing.

I'm still going road-tripping, probably. Possibly tomorrow. Possibly Thursday. Possibly something else. If I come near you, I'll let you know as soon as I can beforehand, in case you want to see me (or throw rocks when I'm passing or something ;-P)

Dan is off overseas again, so I'm sort of rolling myself up emotionally to deal with that. Sometimes it makes me so mad, that we undertook this whole thing in the first place so as not to have to deal with so much time/distance with work travel, and now everything is just like it's always been, only I don't have a home or a life, so basically everything is just worse. Other times, I decide it's not worth being mad about, since that only makes me more miserable, and has no effect whatsoever on the people whose fault it is.

Still averaging over a month a year, though, yay2! We've been together for ten years3 in a few months, and I don't think we've ever spent a whole one together.

1I do vaguely suspect them of doing it to just to stop me spending the next month of my life in pajamas playing video games and watching media, and generally being a miserable pain in the ass. Because I totally might have done that.
2 Note sarcasm
3 If you've known us this long, don't think about it too much, it'll just upset you, and I don't want to be responsible for your midlife crisis when you realise our youth is gone, gone.


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