Mar. 15th, 2010

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Today has been a really crappy day, in which I was hugely anxious and a whole lot of stuff that isn't terribly important in the grand scheme of things but quite important to me has gone wrong.

And I just found out that among the bits of National Park our stupid government is thinking about allowing mining in (seriously? What the hell happened to my New Zealand?) is a chunk of Great Barrier Island, where I spent most of my childhood, and which I feel a significant bond to.

It's also a really amazing place - not totally unique, but very special. And it has all sorts of unique and interesting things on it, including the very endangered Brown Teal Duck and a kind of kanuka not found other places. It also has a lot of stuff found other places, but not in huge quantities, like massive bush coverings and hordes of native birds.

And I just feel like we need to start asking ourselves if all of this kind of stuff is worth it? Some things, I feel, and I know it's a cliche, are worth more than money.

And maybe if the money would be going in some way towards good in the world, then that might be a balancing act worth seeing. But it won't be, and it isn't.


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