Mar. 9th, 2010

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Today was crap on several levels, including the fact that I am still calling it today, even though it's practically sunrise on tomorrow.

I need to look on the plus side, though, because I need to keep focusing on positives, or I'll just go "harumph" and collapse in a pile of petticoats and refuse to go any further. Or I would if I had sufficient petticoats, in any case.

So, plus side: We have a couple of dozen cans of Dr Pepper, due to a cheap supply I located. This means I don't have to be parsimonius with it for once, and have drunk 3 cans today. It might not be entirely good for my body, but it did my mental health a bit of good. I watched a movie I enjoyed tonight (The Secret of Moonacre - not quite right, exactly, but gorgeous and fun). I saw my mother. I'm still loving my new hair cut and colour. My borrowed young people amuse me. New old recipe books. Guide biscuits. Casual gaming. Less pain.

The piles of crap can be left to fester in their corner, I think, instead of being pulled out to be dug over.

The nasty cherry on top of the shit sundae though is that I seem to have developed what I can only assume are stress related hives. Seriously?

I want out, but there's nowhere to go.


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