Mar. 7th, 2010

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Had a pretty good day today.

Plumped my self esteem by doing a small catering job for a friend well, and pretending I was a real person with actual skills and accomplishments for a bit. Extra points for the challenges faced due to me being in someone else's kitchen and my zester being in Kitchen Box 1, with my mortar and pestle in Kitchen Box 10 (There are 11 of them, with probably 2 more to go. Don't judge me).

Played Risk against Dan, and was thoroughly beaten by his inferior strategy but eerily good dice rolls. Enjoyed it anyway - sometimes wonder why we don't play more board games (apart from the fact that they are all in Games Box 1).

Also created excellent home copy of Wellington's Peanut Butter and Chocolate Milkshake, which was delicious, but led to me not eating dinner till 9.30, since it filled me right up.

Sore tonight, again, but it came on late enough that I've had a good day, and I'm okay with just lolling about watching fil-ims and not lifting or holding anything.

On which topic, I heartily recommend Easy Virtue as a movie - it's got wit, charm, a historical setting, bitchiness, a glorious British cast and Jessica Biel and Colin Firth.
Made my evening.

Later days,


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