Jan. 19th, 2010

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It's being a quiet month. I'm doing a lot of hanging around at home either by myself or with Dan, but that's kind of what I want to be doing.

I never used to be such a homebody.

I should probably make more of an effort to see people, as after creaking on arthritic limbs for the past year, the relocation process may be about to reach Kenyan-Runner-At-The-Olympics speeds.
I'm sure I'll have a lot of alone time in the US.

I'm doing a lot of bead work lately, and, rather importantly, actually liking some of the stuff I'm producing. Partly I'm relaxing the insane standards I hold myself to, and acknowledging when I do well, or better, instead of insisting on best. Partly, though, it's that I am actually improving steadily, which is nice. Considering the time I took off, I'm amazed how little I'd lost, and how quickly I got back to getting better. Yay me.

Bead research is also going quite well. I'm still not happy with my level of knowledge, but then I don't think I ever will be. I have some things coming in from Interloan, hopefully, that will clear up some smudgy areas. And I'm learning a lot more about the early medieval wearing of beads, which is useful.

I'm sewing. Or at least at present, Dan and I are working on The Ultimate Tunic Pattern. It's going well, but we are taking it nice and slowly, because getting it Just Right will make life much easier at a later point (the application of pattern to fabric and making into garment stage, for example)

We have started eating pretty much exclusively Japanese food. I wanted to learn to cook it, we both love it, and it's a good way for us to combine our omnivore-with-fondness-for-seafood and pisco-vegetarian dietary tastes. I've also been making some Chinese stuff- soups mostly. I mastered a delicious seafood hot and sour soup, and also made up a recipe to replicate my favourite peppery seafood egg drop soup from a local restaurant. Eating Japanese has been interesting - learning new things, and tasting new things. Plus, eating a lot of rice. I'm happier, though, not to be eating so much dairy and animal fats/proteins - feeling healthier, and really enjoying the quality bits I do eat (mmmm, garlic eye fillet). The healthiness is a kind of nice side effect - wasn't at all what we set out to do.

I'm astonished at how easy Japanese home cooking really is. You need good quality ingredients, and to familiarise yourself with a few new staples, but after that - easy peasy. And freaking delicious. I don't know how much longer we will stick with the exclusivity, but I think a lot of this stuff is going straight into our rotating menu file.

It's also inspired me to work on my cooking blog, so I might actually start posting there sometime soon. We will see. If so, I'll let you all know.

I got a new laptop at the beginning of the year, to replace my old and dying 14 inch. We decided we needed something other than my netbook to bridge the gap between now and whatever desktop solution we utilise in the US. It lasted just over two weeks before Milo got spilled on it, last night. Complete non-functionality is the result. Insurance should fix it, and data may be retrievable, but still. Grrrr. I'm back using my netbook for everything, and therefore cannot do many things, like listen to music, or rip cds or play my MMORPG. The fact that I could not do these things before I got the new laptop two brief weeks ago Does Not Make It Any Better.


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